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NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR NEW MODDED GOPRO, CONTOUR, SONY, DRIFT HD3 SILVER, WHITE, & BLACK CAMERAS FOR HUNTING, NIGHT VISION, ZOOMED IN VIEWS, NO FISH EYE, FLAT LENS, & AERIAL FPV. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE NASA, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, MILITARY, & BIG HOLLYWOOD MOVIE COMPANIES LOOKING FOR THE NO FISH EYE DISTORTION SOLUTION. ragecams Store SquareTrade © AP6.0 BROUGHT TO YOU DIRECTLY FROM Offering a huge line of HD 1080p cameras for the best deals on the net!! over 500 filters sold to date. Hot rod your Gopro 1080p & other models easily! Improve picture quality & cut down on sun & water glare for only $13.99!!! We also stock all 3 gopro models & all the accessories this only works on hero1 & 2 round bubble front housings, will not work with dive square front flat lens housings, but we also carry that if needed. Neutral Density/polarizer filter. This little gem needs some explaining. Ever seen a GoPro video where the tires are going backwards (1:57) or where you see RC/helicopter blades (2:00) as if they are standing still? Wouldn’t it be nice to blur them? All you have to do is cut out some of the light to the lens and you’ll get nice realistic blurred propellers, tires, roads, etc. to give you a natural feel. This filter simply goes between the HD Hero camera lens and the underwater housing lens. But wait, there’s more. It’s also a polarizing filter making the sky deeper blue, removing water reflections and giving more vibrant colors all around. (616)205-5440 please inquire within. Why buy from someone who knows nothing about wearable video! Full 1 year warranty PROFESSIONAL ADVICE JUST A CLICK AWAY! Just insert this disk in front of your lens when inside of the waterproof housing. You must use the waterproof housing in order to make this filter install properly. This will improve underwater video & eliminate white outs from the sun & clouds. BREAKTHROUGH INVENTION HI-QUALITY ANTI -GLARE FILTER DISK 23mm diameter fits perfect inside the camera housing! INCLUDES 1- NEW 19mm DIAMETER CIRCLE NEUTRAL DENSITY POLARIZED FILTER DISK INSERT ONLY! Hot item!! COOL DEAL NOTE: you do not need to disassemble your gopro lens protector for this to work. When I personally tested this filter inside of the GOPRO the glare was totally erased from any bright lights allowing you to see amazing detail, & the clouds in the sky looked much more detailed.defined than they ever looked before we developed this filter disk insert.. You will love this addition for sure 100%! 15% SHADED & LAB TESTED FOR PERFORMANCE. ALSO IMPROVES COLOR PERFORMANCE, & REPLICATION! THIS FILTER WILL ALSO PROTECT THE CMOS SENSOR FROM DEVELOPING DEAD PIXELS THAT RESULT IN OVER EXPOSURE FROM BRIGHT SUNLIGHT GLARING DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA. ITS JUST LIKE GIVING YOUR HERO GOPRO SUNGLASSES ON THOSE BRIGHT SUNNY DAYS! ITS EASILY REMOVABLE BY APPLICATION, & you dont want to use the filter in super low light conditions because of the dark tint which will darken the video. IT FITS NICE INSIDE OF THE WATERPROOF CASE, & HELPS CONTROL THE BRIGHT LIGHTING FROM REFLECTION OFF WATER, OR GLASS, & GLARE FROM STADIUM/CONCERT LIGHTING, OR HEADLIGHTS. NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE. WORKS FOR THE HERO GOPRO HD 1080P & 960 MODELS BY INSERTING THE FILTER DISK INSIDE THE WATERPROOF HOUSING. ——————————————— THANKS FOR LOOKING!! ————————————————————————————– NOW SEE WHAT ELSE WE HAVE TO OFFER BELOW FOR ACCESSORIES, DASH CAMS & WEARABLE VIDEO!! We now carry a magnet mount for the gopro & lens cap protector! HIGH SPEED ANTI GLARE POLARIZING ND FILTER DISK INSERT IS A GREAT ADD ON FOR THE GOPRO, OVER 100 SOLD ON JUST THIS 1 AUCTION LINK BELOW!! NOTE: you do not need to disassemble your gopro lens protector for this to work. GOPRO-CONTOURHD BATTERY EXTENSION PACK/24HR CAR LIGHTER KIT A SMALL HOLE IN YOUR WATERPROOF CASE TO ROUTE THE USB POWER CABLE INTO YOUR GOPRO, & USE SOME COAXIAL SEAL GOOP OR EVEN CHEWING GUM TO SEAL AROUND THE HOLD & USB CABLE(WORKS LIKE A CHARM! THE BIGGEST CONCERN FOR OUR CUSTOMERS USING THE GOPRO HERO, & CONTOURHD WAS THAT THE BATTERY LIFE WAS NOT VERY LONG, ESPECIALLY WHEN USED IN COLD WEATHER SO WE CREATED THIS BATTERY PACK WITH CAR LIGHTER CHARGER COMBO TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER WHEN LONG RECORDING TIMES ARE NEEDED! CAR CHARGER FOR THE GOPRO WE SELL MANY HD WEARABLE VIDEO CAMERAS IN OUR EBAY STORE Your leader in lipstick bullet cams, dvr’s, & wearable video solutions for HD cameras! We carry many top rated 1080P mini camcorders! HD1080P LCD 1080p HELMET CAM SUPER DEAL (CHOOSE FROM 3 PKGS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS) 1080p dash cam with lcd $299.99 or make offer 1080P HD DASH CAMERA WITH LCD 1080P BULLET CAM-DVR COMBO WORLDS FIRST POV CAM WITH MACRO FOCUS WATERPROOF LENS HEAD Tell us your application!! Give us a try to configure a system for you, we will beat any price on wearable video!! WE CAN SOLVE ANY SECURITY PROBLEM YOU MAY HAVE FOR THE BEST PRICES ON THE NET GUARANTEED, GIVE US A TRY!SEE OUR EBAY STORE! WE OFFER UNIQUE MOUNTING SOLUTIONS FOR CCTV: OMNI CLAMP PAN TILT ADJUSTABLE HEAD GRIPPER 1/4″ THREAD SUCTION CUP OMNI PAN TILT VACUUM SEALADVANCED OMNI MOUNT MULTI POSITION SWIVEL ROLL BAR/CAGE MOUNTS GOOSE NECK ADJUSTABLE CLAMP OMNI SWIVEL NOT INCLUDED: LOOK AT ALL THE AFTERMARKET MOUNTS, & ACCESSORIES WE CARRY FOR THE CONTOURHD & VHOLDR, YOU NEVER NEW ABOUT!! BUY ONE NOW! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— THIS SPECIAL DEVICE ALLOWS THE CAMERA TO REMAIN ON WHILE RECORDING FOR OVER 24HRS USING DURACELL BATTERIES EVEN IN THE ICE COLD WEATHER, & IF YOU HAVE THE INTERNAL BATTERY INSTALLED, THIS 10AA BATTERY HOLDER WITH 5.5MM PLUG WILL ALSO CHARGE THE INTERNAL BATTERY SO IT WILL BE FULLY READY TO USE IF YOU UNPLUG THE 10AA BATTERY HOLDER FROM CAMERA, & IF YOUR 10AA BATTERY HOLDER DRAINS DOWN, THE CONTOURHD WILL AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH OVER TO THE INTERNAL BATTERY WITH NO RECORDING INTERRUPTION. YOU CAN USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES ALSO, BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BATTERIES ARE FRESH & FULLY CHARGED, DO NOT USE OLD MIX MATCHED SEMI DISCHARGED BATTERIES, BECAUSE THEY CAN NOT GIVE THE POWER NEEDED, & MAY NOT PERFORM FOR VERY LONG. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– HI-QUALITY SKULL HEAD STRAP ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– VENTED HELMET MOUNT —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BIKE HANDLE BAR ROLL CAGE MOUNT ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— LENS KIT ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————– PROTECT YOUR LENS FROM ROCKS/MUD & FROM GETTING SCRATCHED UP BY USING THIS FILTER ADAPTER WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO USE ANY UV, ND, OR POLARIZED FILTER IN FRONT OF THE CONTOURHD LENS!!! THE RUBBER FILTER HOLDER FITS THE CAMERA VERY SECURE & CAN ALSO BE EXTRA SECURED USING THE INCLUDED ZIP TIE. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– WATERPROOF CASE IN STOCK NOW! , ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– 24HR CAR CHARGER CONSTANT POWER SOURCE ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— FULL BATTERY+ AC-DC HOME/CAR CHARGING DOCK SYSTEM ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————– ORIGINAL CARRY CASE —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- industrial grade magnetic mount earth magnet kit NICE FLAT RUBBER COATED MOUNT WILL NOT SCRATCH YOUR RIDE!! SLIDES RIGHT INTO THE GROOVES PERFECTLY ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Self thread this 28-32mm clip onto the 1/4″ -20 THREAD mount for an amazing hold on any of our mounts below! NOTE: THE U CLIP FITS THE CONTOUR HD CAMERA TIGHT, & THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO USE A HAIR DRYER TO HEAT UP THE CLIP SO IT CAN EXPAND TO YOUR NEEDS. SUCTION CUP ROLL CAGE/BAR PINCH CLIP|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A30 SUCTION CUP INDUSTRIAL ADJUSTABLE GOOSE NECK ADJUSTABLE CLAMP OMNI SWIVEL We carry a huge selection in our ebay store: Look here: SHIPPED FROM AMERICA, SO REST EASY! KEEPING PRICES LOW TO HELP THE NEEDY IN THIS BAD ECONOMY! WE WILL BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE ON CCTV GEAR, & WE ALWAYS OFFER DEALER PRICING & QUANTITY DISCOUNTS! WE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS TECHNOLOGY MAY BE DIFFICULT TO MOST CONSUMERS TO UNDERSTAND, BUT WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS FOR YOU! HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED? WE’D LOVE TO CUSTOMIZE AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION FOR YOU. JUST TELL US YOUR SPENDING BUDGET, QUALITY NEEDS, YOUR APPLICATION, & WE WILL ASSIST YOU QUICKLY IN FINDING THE RIGHT GEAR FROM HIDDEN CAMS, WEARABLE VIDEO, NIGHT VISION, PTZ ROTATING IP CAMS, MOTION TRACKING SENSING DVR’S, INTERNET/CELLULAR PHONE VIEWABLE ETC! WHY BUY FROM US INSTEAD OF OUR COMPETITION? 1. WE ALWAYS STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT, & WARRANTY- MOST OTHER COMPANIES GO OUT OF BUSINESS, OR FOLD UP, SO IF YOU NEED HELP YOU ARE SOL, OR IF THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS, THEY WILL PAWN YOU OFF TO A 2ND PARTY DROP SHIPPER WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THIS TYPE OF ELECTRONICS, & THEY WILL TELL YOU TO TAKE IT TO A LOCAL ELECTRONICS STORE FOR REPAIR BRUSHING YOU OFF. I HAVE HEARD MANY STORIES FROM MY CURRENT CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM ALL THE JUNK DEALERS OUT THERE! 2. WE OFFER A PHONE# FOR FREE LIFETIME HELP, & TECH SUPPORT, & A WEBSITE WITH VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS ON YOUTUBE SHOWING LENS ANGLES, CONNECTIONS, & INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR WEARABLE VIDEO LINE. 3. WE ALWAYS SHIP WITH TRACKING, INSURANCE, & ANSWER EMAILS ON A DAILY BASIS. 4. 25,000 PLUS POSITIVE FEEDBACK, WE SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH, & HAVE OVER 12 YEARS ON EBAY IT SHOWS THAT WE ARE HERE TO STAY! (616)205-5440 email Search “RageCams GoPro Lens” on YouTube to see our videos HAVE QUESTIONS ON CAMERAS? WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS & WORK WITH SECURITY GEAR ALL YEAR ROUND! NEED SECURITY GEAR?? WE CARRY A HUGE LINE OF SURVEILLANCE IN OUR EBAY STORE, JUST MAKE US AN OFFER WE WILL BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE ON ANY LENSES, DVR’S, OR CAMERAS YOU NEED. QTY DISCOUNTS ALWAYS AVAILABLE & WHOLESALE PRICING! Need security???Huge sale on PRO-surveillance-security gear, wearable video, hobby, & helmet cam recording systems for any application from home-business, for the fun of it, or government rated equipment for wholesale prices! See our ebay store, & make us an offer on any item you see that interests you!Keep a close eye on your possessions & property. JUST LOOK AT ALL THE GEAR WE CARRY, & WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW WHO HAS PROBLEMS OR LIVES IN A BAD NEIGHBORHOOD! YOU CAN NEVER BE TO SAFE THESE DAYS! ALL EYES EVERYWHERE EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT HOME! see our ebay store now for SUPER LOW PRICES! Sure you can buy other cheaper gear, but that’s exactly what you will get! CHEAP! KEEP IT CLEAN!!!! This filter is Dynamite WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK & TEST ALL EQUIPMENT FOR COMPATIBILITY, & STABILITY SO YOU WILL GET A WORKING PRODUCT FROM US, & NOT HAVE TO SEND IT BACK. BUY AMERICAN TRUST NOBODY!!!! These days you have to make the case for the police, & be your own detective if you want real results. We are experts in the customized field of CCTV Cameras & Digital Surveillance, & have a reliable honest solution for any need! Just a wide angle camera will not do anything for identification or hold up in court unless you have the plate# of the vehicle that was involved, Or a super close up camera view optically zoomed in on a heavy traffic targeted area where the guilty party would most likely pass by. Super wide angles are nice for seeing what happened, but you should have as many zoom cameras as needed to achieve detailed video on all the exits for plates, & all the hot spots. Free Security anti theft tips & LIFE SAVING advice: Theft is on the rise people, & the only way you can survive in this day & age is to be smarter than the dumb to average or very smart criminal. 1. Try to use hidden covert cameras if you can, & this way a crook will not know that they are being recorded, & its much less likely that they will throw on a mask or disguise. 2. If you have some real cameras installed presently, make sure you also add a few hidden cameras some where else in the event that the crook covers your visible camera lens, tears it down, smashes it with a hammer, or cuts the cord on it. You will then have extra footage needed to assist in the profiling of the crook. When using a hidden camera system, keep in mind on possible options of tactics, or counter measures to camouflage weather people know you have cameras, or suspect you may have cameras. You could have have a bunch of working hidden cameras along with a bunch of low cost fake non working cameras to confuse the thief from trying to find the real camera, or even thinking that there may be other cameras hidden. Most likely the crook will discover that you have fake cams, & can get more daring also to steal or vandalize. You may also want to find or purchase a broken-non working dvr that does not function right to pose as a dummy recorder, & set it up with 4 bnc coaxial cables running into the wall from the dvr & super secure the cables to make it look like the crooks found your dvr, & cannot pull out the wires from the wall & see the trick. The crooks will think they got you when they rip out the bad dvr & then not realize that there is a hidden camera system you still have recording in the mean time. 3.Make sure the dvr is hidden very well, in an attic, basement or even in your trunk so it cannot be found, or else they can run off with not only all your stuff, but they will also get your dvr & cameras while they are at it. 4. If you already have some fake cameras installed & everyone knows they are fake, its a good idea to set up 1 or 2 real-standalone self recording all in one dv cameras that are hidden to find out who you can really trust. We carry many options for that also. 5. Its a great idea to set up a bunch of fake cameras, stickers, signs, & even a non working horn also around your property if you cannot afford a real system. (we offer many fake INDOOR-OUTDOOR camera burglar alarm police dispatch sticker warning sign kits in our ebay store if you need a low cost solution to any potential problems) INSURED SHIPPING WITH TRACKING# INCLUDED Don’t waste Time and Money searching for lower cost cctv gear. We have some of the best pricing, & service available. Since 1998! Quality Video Components Professionally Does Licensed Camera, & Network Digital Video Recording DVR Installations with many Nationwide, & Local references, serving Grand Rapids – Sparta – Belding – Greenville – Ionia – Cedar Springs – Rockford – Kentwood – Wyoming – Grandville – Caledonia – Holland – Hudsonville – South Haven – Muskegon – Kalamazoo – Manistee – Traverse City – Cadillac – Big Rapids, & All of West Michigan CHECK OUT ALL THESE GREAT GEAR WE OFFER! 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