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(New version) DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 with 3-Axis Zenmuse H3-3D

January 30, 2015 - Comment

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DJI phantom 2

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Tanner S. says:

Best Amazon Experience In Years! I purchased this after doing a lot of research for months, so I knew exactly what I wanted. This was the best price I could find for the newest version. I ordered it and received a confirmation email from the seller, Sam, over at Sonic Copters. Very nice helpful man. I later had a question about shipping speeds and he emailed me his office number so I was able to speak directly with him and was very informative. Then UPS lost track of my package, through no fault of the seller. I tried talking to UPS, they are incompetent though. Then I tried emailing Sonic Copters, and Sam calls me a few minutes later asking for the story. He then offers to call UPS and get to the bottom of it. An hour – hour and a half later, the package is on my front door. The only thing better than the drone is the seller!The drone is awesome, though! You can read and watch youtube videos for days about it. I did. I went with the Phantom 2 and Zenmuse gymbal because I like the video quality of the go pro…

Anonymous says:

When it flies, it’s great, but when it fails, it’s gone. For 1 week, drone worked fine. We had calibrated compass, had latest software updates etc. Took it straight up for a flight just 50-60 feet, it malfunctioned, said “connection lost”, and instead of returning home as it’s supposed to, it took off east and disappeared never to be seen again. Customer service at DJI is terrible. We called and have found the average wait time anytime for calls is 45-60 minutes on the phone. Phone says you are 16th in line, then gets down to 2nd in line in 40minutes, then it bumps you back to 8th in line and keeps repeating this until an hour or so has gone by because they don’t want to talk to you. (Just saw multiple other reviews where people couldn’t ever get through on the phone!- amazing!) If you finally get someone live, they email you an extensive time consuming survey. Then in 2 weeks, they email you more questions. Then, they make up reasons why this is your fault-“You didn’t…

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